Yoga (Parents)


Are you struggling with finding balance between being a good mother and a good employee?
Having a long to-do list of doing groceries, making children’s homework, preparing dinner for guests sounds familiar?
After you have taken care of everyone, you realize there is little time and energy for yourself?
In other words, you desperately need a pause.

Yoga - ViktoriaAbout Be Connected Yoga

Viktoria, the founder of Be Connected Yoga is a certified prenatal, baby, kids yoga as well as Hatha and yin yoga teacher. She is also a mother of 2 amazing kids. Her mission is to share yoga with mothers and their families to be more balanced and connected.

She started to practise yoga regularly in 2013 to relieve back pain caused by a typical desk job. Soon she realized that yoga not only can help to strengthen the body, but it’s a very effective tool in stress management. Her appetite to learn more and her love for yoga brought her from training to training. She started teaching yoga regularly in 2021.

Free open classes

Hatha yoga class – Monday 28 November, 18:45

Yin-yang class – Thursday 01 December, 19:15

Lundi 18:45 Hatha Yoga (60 min)

Focuses on posture and breathing techniques.

Jeudi 19:15 Yin Yang  (60 min)

Nice combination of Hatha and yin yoga practice to balance out the energies.
  • Trial class: 12€
  • 5 classes (valid for 7 weeks): 80€
  • 10 classes (valid for 12 weeks): 135€

Group: max 8 persons
In English (some explanation is possible in French)

The regular course starts on 24 November 2022.
There are no classes during the school holidays.

Info & inscription

+32 492 22 02 75