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Do you want to enhance the development of your child?
Don’t hesitate!

It is known that children develop their character and receive most of the knowledge that shapes them in the first years of their life! That is why it’s so important to surround children with beauty and harmony!

Give a chance to your baby to discover a magical world of art. Take him to the theatre or symphony concert…

You will say that it’s a great idea, but it seems to be unrealizable and impossible to do that until your baby is at least 5 years old and, in a manner of speaking, useless.

Unrealizable ? Impossible ? Useless ?

Till now, yes. But we have great news for you! “Bébé Maestro” can bring this world to your child! We have special cultural events with classical music and children’s games which will help to develop your child’s personality from the very beginning of their life!

At our lessons you can listen to such musical instruments as violin, piano, flute, clarinet, Tibetan bowls etc. All our performers are professional musicians who have graduated from Paris and Brussels conservatories.

Also, while artists play beautiful classical pieces we will dance, draw and watch magical theatre with great stories which will take you to the world of fairy tales…

The same as children learn different languages they can get a good taste in music and esthetics and we know how to help them.

Children are very smart creatures. Just give them a chance to realize all the abilities they have inside. You can see it in their eyes.


Come with your children to our magic world and together we will help them to develop their genius!