Atelier « Beaux Arts » (5+)(7+)

BM Beaux Arts

Do you want to create?

You have the opportunity to showcase your talents and imagination to create your own masterpieces and get to know the world of art.

You will be able to work with different materials using a variety of techniques. Get knowledge of composition, perspective, drawing rules, modeling, collage as well as the history of art and the most outstanding painters.

Ruslana SHKOLNIK Workshop animated by Ruslana Shkolnik, graduate of the school of arts, trilingual French, English and Russian, mother of two children.

Weekly classes. Possible to follow 2 days / week. Small group of max. 10 participants.

  • Children 5-7 years / Tuesday-Thursday 16:30 (class 1h)
  • Children 7+ years / Tuesday-Thursday 17:30 (class 1h30)

Some works

Au pinceaux, nos Maestros !

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