Musical workshop (3+)

Bébé Maestro - Atelier musical 4-6

“Bébé Maestro +” is a musical workshop intended for children (3+ years old) who aren’t babies no more but still have the spirit of Maestros!

let’s spend more time with our children!
  • Live music – piano, violin, clarinet, flute, accordion, Tibetan bowls, plate bells “bilas” from Russia, …
    Various repertoire – Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaïkovski, Prokofiev, Vivaldi, Bizet, world folklore, …
  • Discover different instruments, understand their functioning principles and create own preferences
  • Learn different rhythms and solfeggio by enjoying
  • Stories, puzzles, musical riddles
  • Craft work – sculpture, embroidering, mosaic, collage, painting, drawing, …
  • Creating and making the music instruments
  • History of art and music
  • Puppet show

In short, we propose you all that will stimulate your child to love and learn the music all his life!

Welcome to the world of the pure and amazing music!


Participation per semester. Weekly classes. Duration: 50 min.
Group: 10-12 children. With parents.

An animator and two musicians ensure the quality of classes.
Each session is different by proposing to discover a new musical instrument!

Possibility of recuperation
(weekly program begins Saturday and then repeated Sunday and Wednesday).

In order to ensure the health of your children, it is advisable to have in the room indoor shoes or socks and clothing exchange for children.

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